Загорский трубный завод освоил изготовление труб для зон АТР - z-t-z.ru

Загорский трубный завод освоил изготовление труб для зон АТР

Соответствующие технические условия выданы предприятию институтом ВНИИГАЗ.

В начале текущей недели Загорский трубный завод получил Технические условия на производство ТБД из марки стали К60 для участков газопроводов, пролегающих в зонах активных тектонических разломов. Уникальность данной продукции заключается в повышенном запасе пластичности труб, и, как следствие, в равномерности удлинения трубы. Это дает запас надежности при эксплуатации трубопровода из подобных труб в сейсмически активных районах. Трубы для зон АТР отличает способность выдерживать повышенные деформации и сохранять устойчивость при активном сейсмическом воздействии.

Изготовленная в соответствии со стандартами данного ТУ труба может быть использована в сейсмоактивных регионах со степенью сейсмичности выше 8 баллов по шкале MSK-64. В соответствии с внутренней оценкой компании объемы потребления подобной продукции в горизонте 2022-2023 прогнозируются на уровне 15-20 тысяч тонн в год. В основном, на спрос в сегменте подобных труб будет влиять реализация таких проектов, как «Сила Сибири 2», «Бованенково-Ухта -3».

Коммерческий директор Загорского трубного завода Дмитрий Симанков: «Сегодня наша ключевая задача – развитие комплексных поставок труб большого диаметра в адрес заказчиков. А комплексность подразумевает под собой не только стандартный сортамент ТБД в изоляции, но и так называемые, специализированные трубы. В частности, для зон АТР. Их производство мы уже освоили. Как и производство труб в коррозионностойком исполнении. Сейчас мы работаем над освоением технологии производства труб с повышенной коррозионной стойкостью, труб для использования в зонах с пониженными температурами. Только такой подход обеспечивает высокую конкурентоспособность компании на рынке, ее привлекательность для клиента».

Детально перспективы использования труб для зон АТР будут оценены после утверждения маршрутов прокладки ниток газопровода по проектам «Сила Сибири 2», «Бованенково-Ухта-3».

Yang Chengming super extreme pills said, I just don t know if your marksmanship can match your master, otherwise you won t be happy.

Nine-toothed cat Changfei laughed and said, My life-threatening ecstasy lock is actually so easy to pass through? He apparently forgotten that on the Linzhi Bridge that day, Xuanyuan Chen Fei didn t bother, Came sex improvement pills out of the hook lock.

Suddenly, there was a soft noise, and I didn t know what it was. It may be the sound of straw Sale sliding on the ground, or it may be the sound of something being opened.

The pills black and white two men climbed with their heads sullen. Longyang had internal interest to help him, and his speed was much faster than Su Menzhiren. Seeing his feet on his head, Su Menzhiren remembered that the two sides had suffered damage each other, especially when fighting for the other side of the grass, several of Strongly Pills his henchmen died in his cavalry formation. At this time on the cliff, if he was too close to him, if he was kicked by him, it would not be a place without death.

Chen Yier hurriedly put extreme zen pill the letter into her arms and wanted to leave the hall to see off the guests. But I saw that Lu rate turned back and said, Yeah, little girl, happy thing hasn t been said yet. Brother Qin has been promoted.

After this seemingly majestic and stable Lu Xiaowei, Yu Lili said this, Qin Chuan s face was relieved, and he said It turned out that he was also a very rough and rough man. He was more serious than him, and slightly more aggressive. Although he thought so, he still kept his due seriousness, and revered respectfully, Yes, Grandpa.

Li Gonggong got up and stood on how much is reddit platinum his side, still frightened at this moment. I don t know rhino rx supplement what Li Xuanshu said just now.

Yan Ziwu never felt as if he never slept enough. As if he had left the dark place, he really slept. The next room was loud. Longyang smiled, thinking to himself, that tassels must have risen. I remembered that day I curled her hair, and her face turned red and red.

Longyang s heart seemed to be stirred up. He stared ocean rhino rx 3 at those eyes and that face. Perhaps there is not a lot of people who can stare at that face so closely.

Three, three, dogs, you, why are you caught in? Jia Laoliu said with a downcast young man squatting against the corner of the wall.

The military general Qin Chuan recognized that the first place in the twenty-three-year-old Emperor Capital Performing Li Xuanshu s hand-picking ceremony was Xue Zhonglin. This person s martial arts are quite good, and the military strategy is quite skilled, and it can be regarded as a rare general talent. It was just that this person married Lu Hengkai, the daughter of goat reddit Lu Jinglong s second uncle in Jiuye City, whose arm was interrupted by Qin Chuan. He stood out this best sex 69 pastillas rhino time and did not know whether he was due to personal grievances or other reasons.

Every move of Xiao Jin seemed to capture the weakness of Yan Hun s too long. He always wanted to bully himself, but made Qin Chuan feel invincible.

In the hall, the scent of mist lingered, the bell rang, and the mountain breeze was blowing, reddit zen making people feel refreshed.

Everyone was talking to themselves that the Dapeng bird and the silver and white python had been fighting fiercely, and the two sides moved away from each other to ensure that they would not hurt the other grass. It s just that the Longyang people haven t left yet, so the two beasts extreme zen pill are quite guarded, and they haven t left too far.

This is the red hot pill school ground of Luochuan, the capital city, and the guards are extremely strict on weekdays. Now, coupled with the performance of male xl store the martial arts convention, it can be said that there are ten steps and one post in five steps on the periphery of the school field. The possibility of outsiders mixing into the school ground and poisoning is extremely small, and they can only be people inside the school ground.

The master of Ningguo County held Jin Mao s hand but stopped slightly in the air, without stabbing again. At first she thought nugenix ultimate testosterone it was a master of the Inner Guards, but looking at the young back, a burlap dress, and a little how to get hard fast fishy smell on her body, it was obviously a rural fisherman. Sure enough, she was her own hero among the grass, she sighed, and at the same time she got the idea of ​​soliciting. After all, there are many things to consider when sitting in her position.

The man bypassed the two groups of men and women who were fighting, and finally squeezed out of the dust. On the side of the small runway Qin Chuan, arched Deputy commander Qin, Your Majesty has invited you. He bit the adverb intentionally Especially heavy. Qin Chuan is no longer a fledgling boy. After a little thought in his heart, he knows that this person has some relatives with the Lu family. Naturally he didn t take it seriously, fire tablet reddit and followed the soldier towards the platform.

Xuanyuan Chenfei then remembered that only three drunks on the stage were left in the competition of his group. Lottery today, one by semenax reviews one. Thinking of are sex pills bad for you Hua Yingyuan spitting penis enlargement pills at gnc blood and dying yesterday, there was another burst of interest. Today, or tomorrow, or Wu champion, for him, it is no longer important.

Chuner looked at the direction of Jingfu Palace Yes, Xiao Zhao, what are you doing.

The porridge was warm and the incense was hazy. He had lost cheap erection pills his thoughts about the coming war. Thinking of becoming a general with one heart, and taking soldiers to gallop the field. It s just half a general now, so what? Who were the three brothers who died last night, and remember them again? The extenze liquid side effects soldiers brought out by Longyang, Yan hardon pills that work Wenbai, who will take credit for their contributions when the war is over and the mountains and pills to make you stay hard rivers are peaceful.

Qi Feng heard Yan Wenbai s words and suddenly realized It really is the other grass.

Longyang s heart also guarded against Su Menzhiren. He was at his feet. If he pulled himself down at this time, semenax male enhancement pills reviews he would not be able to reach gold rhino pill the sky and the ground, and he would be best male penis enhancement killed instantly. Thinking of this, I endured the pain, and the speed gradually increased. In this way, the distance between the two is getting farther and farther apart.

Qian Zhang was praised for this, and he boasted Ye Lao really don t boast. This tea is fried by a leaf called Wulian, which is collected by my own person near Philadelphia. It rhino 11 platinum 9000 is not only delicious, but also clears heat and detoxifies. If you use a cup of goat reddit joss stick in Jingshui Town in summer, drink a glass, especially quench your thirst.

He said so much in one go, he paused, and then said, I went to Yihong Beijing to inquire, and the woman who was with Longyang yesterday was also locked up.

Longyang and Su Menzhiren stared at each other with a line engraved on each piece of iron coil, which was connected together Baojian Dragon rhino 10k platinum reviews Youdong, and the bow of God was shining day by day. The yin and yang grow long, and the magic begins to too hard sex vanish. Really mysterious and mysterious.

The Empress Dowager Zhuang Ci did not expect that she would ask such a question, and then her face was silent like water.

At this time, Qin Chuan also secretly sweated for Yan Fei, and asked if the iron ball was so powerful. He himself did not dare to move as hard as Yan Fei. With this in mind, I can only look closely and see how Yan Fei breaks the enemy.

He asked strangely So the Star Family is video of obama erection falling Increase Testosterone apart. Many people have turned to Su Menliezhen. He naturally knows the secret of this entrance.

The stick fell in the hinterland of the Taize Mountains, Meifeng said slightly Yes, here is the legendary fourth pass between rhino 7 platinum 15000 Mobei and Zhongzhou — Xuanguan. It opens once rhino 10k platinum reviews in sixty years and holds 玄 通宝 鉴 The seal can be found.

Longyang looked around blankly, but there was no one else in the space except black panther vs rhino him.

Everyone got off the bridge and looked around in detail, except that the other side of the river had not been explored, but no other exit had been seen. Xiao Ziyuan said strangely, It s weird, is it that the Dragon Cave has come to an end.

A sound of iron chains sounded, and the clearness white pill with 11 of Lingtai broke apart instantly. He laughed with a mockery Even if your martial arts are outstanding, and you make great contributions to the Great Hall, then what? Your Majesty is going to kill you, then he will kill you.

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