Загорский трубный завод направил более 600 тысяч рублей на поддержку футбольного клуба «Сергиев Посад – ЗТЗ» - z-t-z.ru

Загорский трубный завод направил более 600 тысяч рублей на поддержку футбольного клуба «Сергиев Посад – ЗТЗ»

Спортивный клуб, который в этом году продолжает выступать при поддержке Загорского трубного завода, по результатам последних игр вышел на третье место.

Загорский трубный завод, Федерация футбола Сергиево-Посадского городского округа и команда «Сергиев Посад – ЗТЗ» продолжают сотрудничество. На текущий момент компания уже направила на поддержку футбольного клуба сумму более 600 тысяч рублей. Средства были использованы как с целью формирования мотивационного фонда для участников клуба, так и на пошив новой формы для футболистов, а также на приобретение спортивной формы для юных воспитанников спортивной школы «Сергиев Посад».

В текущем сезоне подшефная Загорскому трубному заводу команда в самом начале сезона вырвалась в лидеры. На сегодняшний день большая часть футбольного турнира, в которой участвует команда – Первенства Московской области по футболу – уже завершено. «Сергиев Посад – ЗТЗ» занимает третью строчку турнирной таблицы, уступая лишь командам из Подольска и Ивантеевки.

Начальник отдела спорта и молодежи Администрации Сергиево-Посадского городского округа Сергей Шатохин: «Партнерство Федерации футбола с ЗТЗ открывает для спортсменов новые возможности. Это и новый уровень тренерского состава, и дополнительная мотивация игроков, и поддержка юных спортсменов, занимающихся в спортивной школе. Загорский трубный завод уже зарекомендовал себя в качестве партнера социального развития региона, поэтому и для команды теперь гораздо важнее демонстрировать более уверенные результаты. Уверен, что к завершению турнира команда передвинется лишь вверх по турнирной таблице».

Заместитель генерального директора Загорского трубного завода по корпоративным коммуникациям Игорь Гусенков: «Мы понимаем важность взаимодействия бизнеса и спорта. Эти модели сотрудничества успешно зарекомендовали себя в общефедеральных спортивных ассоциациях. Применимы они и на уровне округа, области. Мы рады, что нам удалось наладить взаимодействие именно с Федерацией Футбола, объединяющей участников и почитателей самого массового вида спорта. Сегодня мы видим, что команда не просто участвует в турнире, но и демонстрирует результаты. А это – хороший задел на будущие годы. Выражаю уверенность, что введение ограничений на проведение спортивных мероприятий в Московской области все же позволит максимально безопасно завершить командам сезон и расставить точки в турнирной таблице».

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On the day when the media received the advertisement, a large number of reporters rushed to the Mandarin Hotel and tried to interview the senior members of the Huayue Group. However, to their disappointment, no one approached them, and the hotel side did not allow them to interrupt the guests rest casually. They could only buy hotel staff to collect some piecemeal news. Those photojournalists set up long guns and short cannons on the road opposite the hotel, ready to capture photos of Huayue s senior management personnel at any time to be published in the newspaper the next day.

In order to reduce the intensity of their work, the hotel also specially asked headhunting companies rhino 7000 pill to temporarily recruit a group of office tea girls and sent them to Huayue Company to help them.

Mobile phone technology originated from the military s need for portable mobile communication devices. By World War II, mobile communication technology had basically rhino 11 review taken shape, and walkie-talkies began to be used in large numbers best male penis enhancement on the battlefield. However, the device and the battery are very heavy, and a soldier is required to carry it in order to move with the army, and the communication distance is very limited.

If you encounter an employee who is dissatisfied with management, or who has repeatedly taught, the report will be submitted to the team leader and the investigation by boner pills that work the factory rock hard fast affairs department will be true. If I am still the same, then go down, until I reach the last level. The last post is called the Post Candidate Office, which means you are old, just wait for the candidate here to see if there is a shortage of staff in that department, and then transfer people from here. We have a lot of wages stipulated by the state, but other employees who work hard and create value for the best sex pills at 711 enterprise can enjoy various benefits. You don t need to enjoy them in excess. But we also did not kill people with a single stick, but still gave people a chance, so this department is called Pennis Growth Pills a waiting place instead of a recycle bin. Willing to work hard again, as long as you work hard, you can also switch boss rhino gold pill review from waiting to another position, or wait here to retire.

Please invite your company to participate in the mobile phone qualification review meeting held this morning, and please prepare all relevant materials and a sufficient security deposit.

This feeling is so happy.

Sure enough he was asking about this, Olson smiled proudly.

This is also a computer product that sex improvement pills David wants to see this time. He is eager to know what weapons IBM will use to meet Apple s challenge.

No one at the scene was silent, so they watched the lads come in from the door one by one, put down their suitcases, then another black pill drug suitcase, and then another suitcase.

Guo Yiming smiled, and didn t answer anymore.

After this lap, they spent more than half an hour before being led to the chief to sit down.

To be deficient, the difference between current semiconductor technology and future generations is too great. At the same time, in order to find foundry factories, they dare not adopt the most advanced manufacturing technology, and can only integrate 120,000 components according to the large-scale manufacturing level of the semiconductor industry, which is somewhat regrettable.

Hawke was pressed by the director of the Foreign Affairs Office and followed.

For each butterfly processor sold, the other party paid us 15 US dollars, using our technology solution, and then paid an additional 2 US dollars.

But we only sell through black panther reddit Japanese sellers. Minister Zheng hesitated.

I said Uncle Ma, you can spare us.

If the four-color display is Male Enhancement Review acceptable in a dynamic game, then in the static picture, the four colors look like the same pile of shit, and people are not even interested in taking a closer look. Instead, switch to monochrome, which looks fine at the highest resolution.

This is your operation console? Minister Zheng asked curiously in front of a row of computers.

At this time, Olson had fallen into the inherent thinking and couldn t extricate himself. He stubbornly semenax male enhancement pills reviews rejected the suggestion of developing a personal computer, but was sinking into the great success of PD-11, He has been tapping its technology for several years, and continuously developed PDPD-based The application range of -11 has caused the company to have no new products in 10 years.

Olson The gentleman told the author that this hybrid parallel processor is so good that he can t bear to cherish it. At the same time, in order to allow more computer colleagues to play their respective strengths, he decided to use the company s interface circuit information for this rhino 15000 processor. All are open to the outside world. All computer companies, research units, and individuals are welcome to ask for interface circuit information from the company! Develop related peripheral hardware products.

Yes, although everyone knows that this time it (Male Shop) was Secretary Zhao s decision to shoot the brain, everyone in the Western does rhino 7 pill work Computer Company may not know that there is a technical team on standby. But in the end, people were moved by the enthusiasm of the city, and they really handed over their business. Even if no one has a machine, everyone is not blind.

That is, during an on-site visit, 33 x pill he learned about Guo Yiming s new plan.

Raise your hands and slap in your Male Strong Pills hand, you can turn decay into magic, which means Tao.

The longest working place in the institute is more than three years old, and the shortest one is nearly two years old. Now that prices are so low, the whole family can spend less on food. Besides, everyone is busy working everyday, and here is far from the city. There are not many places to spend the line. Which one does not have the savings of 10,000 or 20,000 lines.

Take blue pill t 22 the electroless copper-plated interconnect technology just introduced from a foreign-invested plant in the factory, and the equipment production line has only been completed for more than two months. According to the original technology digestion speed in the factory, it is expected that it will take half a year to a year to fully digest this technology. But in fact, before the production line pink 25 pill was put into production, the relevant technical staff and operators have begun to consciously study the operating process, manufacturing process and key considerations of this equipment, actively consult the teacher, and also run Go to universities and state-owned electroplating plants to learn about the technical requirements of copper plating, etc.

For example, the U S. military has now begun a large-scale conversion, eliminating the m16 that has been used for more than 20 years, and the latest improved m16a.

Hehe, how strong nugenix ultimate testosterone do you think they are? In the name of the Northeast Military Region, there are more than 2,000 people in a division. In fact, there are only 500 people in the regular armed forces, and they are in the hands of several people. More than half of them are stationed in Saar. Wen Jiangbian. On the number of people, rhino king you are almost on the military literacy and combat effectiveness. Compared with best ed medication over the counter the elite of the former army under Chen Hu, the opponent is not a star point. Who are you afraid of so many penis enlargement pills at gnc people in the past? Mr. Gan smiled suddenly.

The sales of floppy disk drives and patent revenue have now become the company s main profit growth points.

Do you need five? You mean that you personally plan to buy one to replace the Apple floppy drive at home, I have to praise this is your most correct decision! Thirty boxes for a floppy disk? No problem, tell me the address, and our delivery guy will deliver it to you Enhancement Pill that Works! within today.

Originally, they planned to concentrate their manpower, material semenax reviews and financial resources, come up with an excellent streamlined instruction personal computer, and fight a beautiful counterattack in the market. However, at the beginning of the research process, they discovered more and more problems. The hardware problems faced by streamlined architecture computers were far more than they expected. And as Xing can go up, the cost of computers also rises.

The inspection, which seemed to never be completed, was finally over.

This is the world. People without funds and channels, even if they are holding a golden rice bowl, can only ask for food. Only people like Guo Yiming who have the necessary funds, technology, and channels can benefit from it.

Tears ran down his face, and this memory did not originate from him, but the most precious part of the young man s mind that he was with. At this moment in front of his loved ones, the feeling of deep licking finally let him release this emotion.

He originally wanted to build a factory in Japan, use Japan s unrestricted, can obtain technology, equipment from the world, and the advantages of local labor that is still relatively cheap, and use Japanese capital to earn Japanese money. But the Japanese is not stupid. He has set a lot of traps through various restrictive clauses. Breaking through one obstacle is another obstacle, limiting the scale of his development from various aspects such as legal provisions, local enterprises, employees, and so on.

In the newspapers and magazines in the following days, many media were inspired by this report and conducted a detailed analysis of the changes in magnum xxl pills review the foreign exchange market during the days when the Hong Kong dollar appreciated. In fact, there were a lot of similar analyses during that period, but since everyone did not know who the mysterious investor was at the time, there was also a large deviation in the understanding of the amount of capital invested in the entire operation process, so guess correct Not many people.

Everyone was stunned, and they didn t know what k 25 pill side effects mood they should use to describe it. After a long period of trouble, they scrambled and were beaten up by the workers. As a result, they just took a picture of a real plant site.

According to their calculations, even at the roughest 320×200 low resolution, to achieve non prescription boner pills 30 frames per second image decoding, the decoder speed must at least meet the basic requirements of processing 50hz signals per second. If a hybrid processor is not used, and a purely reduced instruction-type decoder is used with a xxx ed large-capacity cache, then the integration level must be at least 300,000 to be possible.

When it comes to material preparation and application practice, they need to use various manufacturing equipment. They don t just move their fingers and then sit back and enjoy. For all the equipment, they need to understand the principle, the processing technology at the time of use, and learn to disassemble the equipment by hand. In order to improve the preparation efficiency, they often study how to improve these equipment.

Britain is indeed a well-established powerhouse that has played with Europe for hundreds of years, and an ordinary politician can play so reddit how to give gold insanely instigating alienation! rhino 11 reviews This hand is not a yin scheme, but a Yang scheme! If it is presented outright, it will inevitably receive the unanimous support of the economic circles and ordinary citizens in Hong Kong.

He knows that developers are also very clear that although they have made great progress in integrated circuit technology, crazy pills meme there is still rhino guy meme a long way to go before they reach international standards.

What a positive non-intervention.

The New York hypermarket was completed at the end of August.

This announcement-like advertisement, as it is, has quickly stabilized people s hearts.

Great, I Essential Herbs for Men can t help but want to play two games.

возможно, вам будет интересно

пресс центр

Более пятисот семей городского округа получают адресную помощь от Загорского трубного завода

За первые три недели карантина компания обеспечила продуктовыми наборами наиболее социально незащищенные семьи округа. Загорский трубный завод выделил средства на приобретение продуктовых наборов для семей, оказавшихся в сложной жизненной ситуации. Всего компанией было приобретено более 500 продуктовых наборов. В число тех, кто получил адресную поддержку, вошли многодетные семьи с количеством детей более трех, а также […]


Загорский трубный завод улучшает качество внутренних коммуникаций между сотрудниками компании

На предприятии запущена внутренняя социальная сеть на базе решения Bitrix24. Компанией реализован проект по созданию единой внутренней социальной сети для сотрудников VTrube. На сегодняшний день решение используется сотрудниками в полном объеме. Партнером по внедрению внутренней социальной сети стала компания 1С-Рарус, выступившая в роли системного интегратора решения. Ключевой целью запуска внутренней социальной сети стало создание единого […]


Сергей Торопов назначен операционным директором Загорского трубного завода

На должность первого заместителя генерального директора – операционного директора завода назначен Сергей Торопов, ранее несколько лет руководивший дивизионом «Северсталь Российская сталь» (ПАО «Северсталь»).     В числе первоочередных задач Сергея Торопова – развитие самого высокотехнологичного завода по производству труб большого диаметра в России, сокращение издержек, развитие горизонтальных и вертикальных связей внутри компании.     Операционный […]