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ЗТЗ развивает сотрудничество с компанией «Роснефть»

Компания завершила отгрузку труб большого диаметра для организации работ на Северо-Комсомольском месторождении ПАО «НК «Роснефть». На минувшей неделе Загорским трубным заводом было успешно завершено производство и отгрузка партии загорских труб, произведенных по вновь разработанным и узкопрофильным Техническим условиями для использования на промысловых трубопроводах. В рамках тендерных процедур ЗТЗ выполнил контракт и отгрузил в адрес дочерней компании ПАО «НК Роснефть», ООО «СевКомНефтегаз», трубы в сортаменте 1220 мм с толщиной стенки 18мм в наружной трехслойной изоляции. Объем поставки превысил 250 тонн. Трубы, произведенные в соответствии с данными Техническими условиями, и вошедшие в поставку, обладают более высокими механическими свойствами по сравнению с ранее поставляемыми в адрес «НК «Роснефть» трубами. В частности, в трубной продукции, отгруженной в октябре и ноябре существенно повышен предел текучести металла. Повышенные требования к ТБД обусловлены климатическими условиями региона эксплуатации, в частности, низкими среднегодовыми температурами. Коммерческий директор Загорского трубного завода Дмитрий Симанков: «В своей работе мы всегда ориентируемся на требования клиентов и модернизируем производственный процесс в соответствии с их пожеланиями. Именно поэтому мы оперативно освоили производство ТБД по новым стандартам, изменили действующие ранее Технические условия в соответствии с потребностями ПАО «НК Роснефть». Только такая клиентоориентированная позиция приемлема в новых условиях трубного рынка». Совокупный объем поставок загорских труб в адрес компании «Роснефть» на сегодняшний день превышает 33 тысячи тонн. На сегодняшний день компания входит в число ключевых потребителей продукции Загорского трубного завода.

Where European countries will go and whether they will choose to decouple with the US simultaneously with the Chinese economy has also become one of the focus topics of concern for all parties. Recently, there has been a controversy between the United States and the European Union on the China issue.

Weng Yuting, who was employed Buy Herbal Booster Online in Berlin, told the BBC Chinese that since the New Crown Virus became an international incident, two young people saw her when they visited a supermarket, sex stations and suddenly backed out with a big move, and pulled up the collar to cover their mouth and nose. They are very ignorant, but on the other hand they will be a little bit sad, she said.

We hope that the Umoja pilot project will soon help us understand which therapies are most safe and effective for treating patients.

In the early days of the New Coronary Pneumonia outbreak, he made a bold estimate, saying that if the worst situation in Hong Kong could kill 14,000 people, it would arouse uproar from all walks of life. The timing of the flow of people between the mainland is too slow.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told Der Spiegel in April, “China has taken some very authoritarian measures in Health Pills response to the epidemic, while in the United States it has not paid attention to the virus for a long time. These are two extremes, and they cannot serve as role models for Europe.

On January 29, the New England Journal of Medicine published a paper by Early Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control, Gao Fu, and other researchers who wrote Early Transmission Dynamics in Wuhan, China, of Novel Coronavirus-Infected Pneumonia. The paper analyzed 425 cases from the beginning of December to the present and found that the new coronavirus may have been transmitted from person to person as early as mid-December last year. In late December, there was also a South China seafood wholesale market with the so-called source of infection Unrelated infected people. The paper also believes that the current inflection point has not yet come.

Based on the existing research results of SARS and MERS coronavirus, experts will identify best over the counter stay hard pills knowledge gaps and determine research priorities to accelerate the provision of the most urgent scientific information and medical products and minimize the impact of the 2019-nCoV epidemic.

In the early days of the pandemic, the moderate Republican Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, Acted quickly to shut down his own state and other leaders hesitated, thus earning a national reputation. The infection rate in Ohio has been lower than in other parts of the Midwest.

Two stem cell trials are rhino guy meme also in the book. In one of the studies, a research team at the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University will inject menstrual blood stem cells into 28 patients and compare them with african rhino 12000 those ED Drugs Guide who did not. So far, there is little evidence that stem cells can clear the coronavirus infection. Swaminathan said that WHO cannot control the work of researchers, but she said that WHO issued ethical guidance on conducting trials during the outbreak of Brazil in 2016, and that a short, easier-to-understand report will soon be issued for this outbreak.

Last weekend, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior confirmed that Beijing had urged the Berlin government to give a positive evaluation of China s response to the new crown epidemic. In a reply to the German Green Party MP Margarete Bause, the Ministry of the Interior pointed out that even if how to use sex pills Beijing did not make a request, the German government would praise China s efforts to fight the epidemic. In spite of this, the federal government also understands the contacts between individual Chinese diplomats and the German side, and hopes that Germany will openly voice a positive voice in China rhino 8 pill side effects semenax reviews s epidemic management. The German government has not followed suit. Berlin believes that transparency is the key to successful anti-epidemic Factors and informed Beijing of this view.

The 99 patients recorded in the report experienced the following symptoms: 82 cases of fever; 81 cases of cough; 31 cases of dyspnea; 11 cases of muscle soreness; 9 cases of unconsciousness; 8 cases of headache; 5 cases of sore throat.

Related work has begun. Since January this year, WHO has been working with researchers from hundreds of institutions to develop and test vaccines, standardize assay methods and standardize regulatory methods rhino 900 for innovative trial design, and determine priority criteria for candidate vaccines. The organization has carried out pre-certification of diagnostic methods in use around the world, and more are in the process. A global trial is also coordinated to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the four therapies used for COVID-19.

Although the US government was dissatisfied with many decisions of the World Health Organization since the beginning of the outbreak and decided to suspend funding to the World Health Organization on April 15, the open letter still expressed support for WHO.

Do all states simultaneously initiate relaxation measures for business.

Global media s response to 2019-nCoV is still unbalanced. This is largely due to the continuous development of the epidemic, which has caused the public s perception of risk to be exaggerated. Many unknown factors surrounding the virus may also lead to further media hype and abnormal public response.

On February 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) situation report showing that more and more evidence shows that 2019-nCoV and the spread of coronavirus (CoV) in bats There is a connection. More specifically, it is related to the coronavirus spread in the bat subspecies Phinolophus bat. These subspecies are widespread in southern China and Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Recent research shows that more than 500 CoVs have been identified in Chinese bats. It should be noted that serological studies conducted in rural populations purple rhino scam living in caves close to the natural habitat of bats have shown that the seroprevalence of bat coronavirus is 2,9%, which indicates that human exposure to bat coronavirus is very common.

If customs officers penis enlargement pills at gnc notice the symptoms of passengers returning from stay hard longer over the counter restricted countries, they will be told to refer them to the federal or local medical staff at the airport for more inspections.

The Mayor of New York City said on Thursday that the Mayor of New York City store bought viagra may begin restricting access to certain parks to prevent overheating and overcrowding. He did not clarify which park, but said he would provide more details on Friday.

The use of traditional Chinese medicine is of great significance to the development of future medicines. Since the NCP virus has certain mutations compared to SARS or MERS coronavirus, the new virus may not have the effectiveness of natural compounds against the two previous coronaviruses, so rhino viagra the TCM formulation is urged to be updated. In this rhino 7 side effects study, the anti-NCP effect of natural compounds was mainly confirmed by screening methods, and the therapeutic effect of humid pathogens resulted in a shorter hospital stay for patients with moderate types. Therefore, TCM treatment is not only effective for patients with NCP, but also beneficial to the clinical development of drugs for humid pathogens and pulmonary infectious diseases with high incidence of respiratory syndrome. Therefore, according to the clinical data of the Wuhan study, traditional Chinese medicine has a systematic theoretical understanding of the pathological evolution of new coronavirus pneumonia and plays an active role in the treatment of NCP. Multiple linear regression analysis shows that the Chinese medicine category horny goat weed vs viagra of Jianpi Dehumidification can improve the recovery of the patient s condition, suggesting that regulating the intestinal function and maintaining the balance of the microenvironment in the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia by traditional Chinese medicine. The network pharmacology results show that the active compounds in QFPDD and the formula recommended by the National Health Council can help the recovery of different disease progression during the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia with traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of NCP is beneficial.

A large number of data show that early intervention of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine has a positive effect on shortening hospital stay and improving symptoms, reducing the development of mild to hot black male moderate cases pills to make you stay hard to severe cases, reducing mortality, improving cure rate and rehabilitation. The rehabilitation population of NCP patients [23]. A report from Hunan Province showed that as Chinese medicine is increasingly used for NCP, the average hospital stay of patients has been shortened by 2 days, and no patients have entered the critical stage [15]. A study of 34 NCP patients (mostly medium-sized patients) in Wuhan found that the combination of CM and Western medicine is satisfactory in protecting the function of the heart, liver, kidney and other organs, reducing inflammation and improving immune function. Efficacy. Compared with traditional western medicine, CM decoction, Chinese patent medicine and traditional Chinese medicine injection [treated patients 24, rhino 17 5000 25]. In the study of 6 cases of severe and severe make me get hard NCP, the results showed that Qufeidu No. 1 prescription was combined with traditional western medicine, and combined with Xuebijing injection and Xuebijing injection. Or Lianhua Qingwen capsule can significantly improve the pathological evolution of critically ill patients, so all patients can recover [26, 27.

Voice Deutschland) The British Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee asked the government on Wednesday (April 29) whether it planned Use international mechanisms to hold China accountable for the spread rhino 8 reviews of the epidemic.

Garcia also believes that the future city needs to be more localized, not only in Sildenafil Pills terms of food, but also daily life facilities.

In our globalized world, resources from all corners of the globe may reach the center of the city in a few hours or days, and viruses will catch up.

It depends on how people how much is reddit platinum will evaluate the government s approach at the end of the epidemic, Tang Ningsi said. Transparency and benign communication are the keys.

However, the number of laboratories that have reached Biosafety Level 4 is not large. It is believed that only about diamond 3000 pill 50 laboratories in the world belong to the highest level of such laboratories, including the Wuhan Virus Research Institute.

Experience 2, legal and law enforcement can not relax, we must maintain consistently strong.

It s over Pearl Harbor is more serious than the World Trade Center. An attack like this has never happened.

Cities around the world are blocking streets to give people more space. For example, Oakland, California, USA blue rhino jobs has even closed 74-mile-long city streets, prohibiting vehicles from driving, and giving more space to pedestrians and cyclists.

With the advent of the new coronavirus, he was appointed as a member of the government s expert advisory board. Whenever there is a community infection in Hong Kong, he will immediately visit the experts to inspect the scene and explain the situation to the media.

In an interview with the French newspaper Sunday, the European Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Borel said that the global spread of the new crown epidemic has intensified the mutual accusations between the United States and China. He said that in promoting multilateralism, Europe and China have the same position, but he emphasized that China and Europe are not consistent in terms of global governance. He also criticized President Trump s view of opposing multilateralism and US priority.

On January 19, China Biosciences established a scientific research leadership team led by Yang Xiaoming, the chief scientist of the vaccine project of the 863 program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and quickly arranged 1 billion yuan of research and development funds in wartime rhythm. Virus inactivated vaccines and genetically recombinant protein vaccines have also been developed to develop new crown vaccines. Sinopharm Group s inactivated vaccines were simultaneously promoted by two research teams of China Biotechnology.

We must carry forward the same spirit of solidarity and defeat COVID-19.

The WHO issued guidelines in 2015 that new human diseases should be named after a name acceptable to society, hoping to avoid including areas, names of people, animals or food, and individual cultural or industrial labels.

According to the country Introduction to the Natural Science Foundation website, Gao Fu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of the Academy of Microbiology of the Developing Countries, academician of the American Academy of Microbiology, foreign academician of the European Molecular Biology Organization, American Science Promotion Association, foreign academician of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, academician of the African Academy of Sciences. In July 2017, he was appointed Director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Mainly engaged in the research of pathogenic microorganism cross-host transmission, infection mechanism and host cell immunity, as well as public health policy and global health strategy research. Published more than 490 papers in SCI international Official journals including Nature, Science, Cell, Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine and other SCI journals.

But the pandemic is far from over. WHO continues to follow growth trends in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and some Asian countries.

Other groups, including African Americans, have also been hit hard. But for doctors like Eva Galvez, who worked as a family doctor in a network of clinics in northwestern Oregon, the gap between Hispanics became shocking. She said that in tests of low-income patients in the past few weeks, Latinos are 20 times more likely to have the virus than other patients.

However, if you are outside the general population, the effect of the mask is relatively limited, especially wearing a mask for a long nugenix ultimate testosterone time is not an easy task.

Taiwanese Weng Yuting, who also worked after studying in Germany, shared on Facebook with many Taiwanese in Germany what he encountered in his recent life in Berlin. She and crazy pills meme Wu Siying, a designer with the same German background, initiated the I am not a virus design. She plans to produce a I am not a virus backpack, semenax male enhancement pills reviews hoping to arouse the public s sense of equality and not best male penis enhancement bow to racial discrimination and viruses; There are a lot of Asians in Germany and Germany together to raise funds to manufacture products.

A few days ago, Beijing Intellectual Property Operation Management Co , Ltd. Beijing IP) released a big data analysis report on coronavirus patent applications. The results show that, from the perspective of the number of coronavirus detection and diagnosis-related patent applications filed by various provinces and municipalities with the State Intellectual Property Office, China has the largest number of patent applications from Beijing, accounting for 24% of the total, followed by Shanghai and Guangdong. It can be seen that Beijing has obvious advantages in detecting and diagnosing coronavirus.

The epidemic is also affecting the Chinese economy. More and more countries have advised black rhino products their nationals not to go to China unless necessary.

Prior to the conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Macron and Italian Prime Minister Conte, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Dodo, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg and EU leaders also signed an hard erection pills open letter, saying that fundraising is an unprecedented global collaboration that allows scientists and regulators, industry and government, international organizations, foundations and The experts joined forces to fight the epidemic.

However, there is still insufficient evidence 800 pill for clinical research on the treatment of NCP with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. The main manifestations are small sample size, no control group, and diversified treatment options. Therefore, continuously expanding the sample size and adopting a standardized randomized controlled trial (RCT) design will provide a more convincing scientific basis to prove the superiority of traditional Chinese medicine safe erection pills over the counter rhino extreme in NCP treatment.

Li Xingwang, a member of the National Medical Experts Group and the chief expert of the Beijing Ditan Hospital Infectious Diseases Diagnosis and Research Center, also said that among the close sex improvement pills contacts of sporadic cases, some asymptomatic infections may be observed. Although there are no symptoms, they do nucleic acid The test is positive, and some patients have fever that is not obvious, and occasionally dry cough or fatigue. These patients were also discovered after we actively searched and increased the detection ability.

A few days ago, Beijing Intellectual Property Operation Management Co , Ltd. Beijing IP) released a big data analysis report on gorilla max side effects coronavirus patent applications. The results show that, from the perspective of the number of coronavirus detection and diagnosis-related patent applications filed by various provinces and municipalities with the State Intellectual Property Office, China has the largest number of patent applications from Beijing, accounting for 24% of the total, followed by Shanghai and Guangdong. It can be seen that Beijing has obvious advantages in detecting and diagnosing coronavirus.

Among patients with unreported comorbidities, the crude mortality rate is approximately 0 9%. The mortality rate of patients with comorbidities is much higher, especially the crude mortality rate of patients with cardiovascular diseases has reached 10,5.

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При поддержке Загорского трубного завода в Сергиевом Посаде состоится финал Лиги КВН Золотого кольца России

Компания выступила официальным партнером мероприятия. Финал Лиги КВН Золотого кольца России пройдет в Сергиевом Посаде в пятницу, 14 декабря, в ДК им Ю.А. Гагарина. Загорский трубный завод в этом году впервые выступил официальным партнером мероприятия. Игра в декабре завершит серию игр КВН среди команд Золотого кольца России, которая в этом году в подобной конфигурации проходит […]


Новые контракты будут подписаны Загорским трубным заводом в рамках выставки «Металл-Экспо 2017»

Компания также представит на выставке новую концепцию развития трубного рынка России.   На 23-й международной металлургической выставке «Металл-Экспо», которая будет проходить с 14 по 17 ноября на ВДНХ, Загорский трубный завод представит новую концепцию развития трубной промышленности России – Металлургию 2.0. В рамках выставочной программы компания также планирует подписание ряда соглашений о долгосрочных поставках стали […]


Загорский трубный завод продлевает прием заявок на фотоконкурс

Компания приглашает к участию всех фотографов и фотоблогеров района и продлевает прием заявок до 29 марта включительно.               Загорский трубный завод переносит сроки завершения приема заявок на участие в конкурсе промышленной фотографии. Напомним, что участники будут соревноваться в трех номинациях: Металлург 2.0 (портретная съемка); Трубные дела (труб в обработке); В масштабах страны (виды производства). […]